Thursday, August 6, 2015

Punishment....of a small girl...

                       I have never wrote about punishments but lately something triggered a memory from my childhood, back when my father wanted to give me a proper education.
                         This happened when I was 5 years old. Ever since I was a little girl I was charmed by the beauty of my mother and the way she organised her clothes ( everything was ironed and on hangers and smelled in an unique way ) and how she made herself different skirts and dresses to be fashionable in that time. I must say that in those times my family was poor and we lived in a complex of flats which belonged to the car factory my parents worked in.The point is that they worked in  shifts and they were never home so I basically grew up almost alone. But this is another story.
                         It was a nice sunny day of September and my parents were at work. I had a lot of toys mostly dolls so I was obsessed of making clothes for them. And in this particular day I wanted to iron one handkerchief my mother gave me to make a dress out of it. So I put the iron into the socket and I waited for it to heat up so I could do my job. Well this was what I have intended to do. What I didn't know, was that my father decided to check on me and in his lunch break he got home. Just when I was about to start ironing my father entered the room and  caught me on the job. He got so angry as he thought I would set the room on fire and decided to punish me never to touch the iron or anything that goes into the socket again.  
                        I didn't know what the nearest future held in store for me but it was not long before I found out. So, my father took the heated iron and started ironing my hands. It was painful! But the thing that hurt me most was the fact he put alcohol on my hands and left me crying alone inside the house. He then left to work and by the time my mother came home I fainted from pain. 
                              I couldn't eat by myself for two weeks. But I never touched anything nor put anything into the socket again.  They say "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". I guess it is a true fact. But I still think the punishment was too drastic.

                                                                                                      XOXO Elle



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