Thursday, June 18, 2015


                 Ever since I was a little girl, I thought love stories are simple fairy tales and the fact of being in love was only considered attraction at first and then just good communication ( or not ). I mean, how many of you really felt that connection with the loved one was forever and didn't eye-caught another person? Just be realistic and remember we live in a world were everything moves really fast and due to the rate of divorces per year I can say that either we get bored, or we just don't know how to mend our relationship through good communication. 
                    I have recently read an article about hair and through out the history, people believed that hair growth is linked with the energetical waves of a person, especially on women. So women were taught to grow long hair and take good care of it, wore it tangled because they say in a tangle is the union of body, mind and spirit. That being said, the hair of a woman was considered the power of her husband, reason why in wars, the opponents use to capture the women of the leader and they cut her hair in order to drain power from her husband. You may ask why is this relevant. Well, since we don't believe in it not. But what about ying and yang? I mean, there has to be a pair for everybody and if this is true why love stories are not magical?  I just made this parenthesis for what I am about to tell you.
                  It seems that we are not able to control ourselves when it comes to attraction or maybe the best way to say is hormones. For me the commitment between two persons is sacred, as long as they are together. You may say I am old fashion. I have to tell you that I am not. I just think that while two people swore love one to another they have to be faithful and opened, because only like this they can overcome sadness and anxiety. And if after some time they discover they are not to be together, just close the deal in a peaceful way. No need for drama or some other stuff. Everybody has to be strong and think about endings as new ways of begining.
                A friend of mine came to me the other day and said someone she haven't seen in a long time told her he was feeling something about her. She just sat there in front of him and didn't know what to say. And what was really disturbing was that he just got married. The only way of dealing with this kind of situation is to show how strong she really is and also to keep her integrity at the highest level. Only then one will know oneself really good. I must say again, I am not old fashion but I just don't uderstand this kind of persons who don't really know what they want in life. Can you judge me? I believe no one wants to be in the wife's shoes...why not be sincere and thoughtful with ourselves? 
                Getting  back to fairy tales, I must say that if we don't believe in them, of course they don't exist. Because by believing one will see is a true saying.....
                                                                                        XOXO  Elle                  
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