Thursday, March 26, 2015


                       Take a step back and look at your life....How many years have passed since You were born? And now, start analyzing different periods of time: how did you act, how did you feel, how did you see the others, and the list can go on.
                        I think some people don't remember when they were babies. First, You found yourself in a new territory where people spoke a strange language and they were big compared to You. Of course you saw the dog, a fury creature that seemed to like you, but that wasn't enough, because you had to learn how to communicate with the big ones, you started walking and also experienced cold, warmth, and by the time you realised the growth of your teeth, you were already a toddler. And what do you met the others...hmm...different genders...quite strange...but still you did an awesome job communicating with them. You also learned you could run and You started expressing yourself in many ways.
                        Being a small kid wasn't easier, because You had to go to school and somethimes your reactions to certain things and occasions brought arguments and punishment from the big ones that now you call parents. Well to be onest, You thought they were intruders that are always against your actions. But overall, You dealt with this phase of your life quite well... You can say time helped and made You more counscious of your actions.
                      Now the adolescence phase was a very tricky one. You had to know how to separate the good and the wrong and sometimes You took the wrong decisions that brought consequences, but wait...You didn't seem to learn from that, You were a rebel and did everything against the advices the others gave you. In the end, You just wanted to run away from wanted to feel free, but what You didn't know is that freeedom brings responsability of your own thoughts, acts and sometimes is hard to deal with it. 
                    By the time You were an adult You had been through a lot of situations and learned from them and also became much wiser. Now it's your turn to be the big one and to assume everything you do even if is right or wrong.
                    In time you will become the one that is responsable to watch the steps of the small ones and guide them. You are the teacher now and You have to treat this with maturity and wiseness. 
                     Bottom idea is that every day is an adventure and you should enjoy living ... because this is the gift You received when You were born.
                                                                                                                 By Elle

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