Monday, February 23, 2015

Not another day without sun...

         I've been willing to write about this for quite some time, but somehow I got stuck when it comes about inspiration. 
        Every day I wake up in the morning and start doing plans for the day, and by the time night comes I just sumarize and go to sleep. This is not a general rule, but let's face it, 90% of the cases it happends likewise. As we are so into routines, sometimes we forget to see the beautiful nature that sorounds us and most important we don't really see the sun. In any case, we don't pay attention at some really important things. Usually when is cloudy we think that is no Sun on the sky. Wrong... The Sun is there and I know this because then we have natural light. It doesn't have to be bright to be there. 
       Imagine a day without Sun.... It's hard... Lifeless Earth... Same as any other planet... Dark, cold, lonely...
       The same thing can happen to us if we loose our faith and if we don't embrace every day with positive feelings. So be gratefull with what we have, live with joy, love everything and you'll never have another day without Sun. Because the saddest thing is to have a dead spirit inside a body. 
         Sumarizing: everyday is special and no matter if it's cloudy or sunny, good things can happen. And the best is that we can live at the fullest and we have the power of decision. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunny day.....

               Spring is trying to get out from the icy kingdom and Sun is helping her by melting the last part of coldness. I know Winter is not happy but life is a cycle and  hers has ended.
                Let it be!!!!
waiting for spring

The Mouse, The Trap and The piece of Cheese....part 2

                My case about the mouse remained unsolved as I decided to wait for solutions from my readers and they were a lot and in any way so different one of another. Today I just want to make a connection between them and try to figure out what is the best to do, what is the wrong and what is the bottom idea.....
                So the little mouse was standing before the big and yellowish piece of cheese. What he didn't know was that the perfect piece of cheese was hiding inside of a trap....
                I. The little mouse goes for it and gets stuck inside the trap and after a lot of suffering he dies. This is courageous, but also irresponsable and to make an analogy with what happends in real life  this is also the stupid way to do it. I think is not proper to go to war without forming an army or without having a scout to the enemy so that you know what you have against you. 

               II. The mouse is curious so he inspects the area really carefully. Even though he is hungry he is also scared so now the best way of doing things is to analyze every fact... but carefull, not to analyze too much... time is short and also the piece of cheesse is a perishable good so he can also loose it. Analog to this there are people that wait too long before they go for it and it's to late. If you don't do it at the right time that train is lost and you have to search for another and other route, maybe longer, and if you start analyzing again it's worthless. The hunger will eat you alive.

                III. Curiousity killed the cat, but not the mouse. So, be courious, learn and apply everything within the perfect timing. How will you know it's the right time? You will feel it and the universe will show you.... Trust yourself! Trust your instincts!

                Our little mouse was really courious and inspected every inch of the trap. He didn't know what to do, but he was so hungry... He heard some noises and he hid in a  small hole waiting to be safe. The man who carried the cart appeard and set another trap and the little mouse saw how it worked. Soon after the man left, the mouse searched for a stick and tried to put it inside the trap. At firstwas worthless but he didn't stop and he tried until he finally got it. Now he must find a place to hide and maybe find some company ( friends..) so that his life will be easier. And who knows, maybe he will find his familly. 
                                                                                          THE END
Secret life