Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Mouse, the trap and the piece of cheese...Part I

                      Today I feel like trying with a small story I wrote 2 days ago and I will let You decide what is the moral of it. So, let's get started... :)
                        Once upon a time, a little mouse lived alone in a faraway land. All his family had run away when a flood came across their den. He took refuge up the hill and lost contact with them and ever since the little mouse wandered all alone. All summer he searched for food in the field, but the flood had damaged it and all the crops were corrupted. One day tired of all that running and also hungry, the little mouse find himself crying on the wayside. He cried so hard that from his tears small white flowers appeared from the ground but still nothing to eat. At one point, he fell asleep and dreamt about a special treat his father used to bring home after long absences. They called it cheese. In his dream, he came across a lot of signs that guided him to a place where cheese was reigning. Cheese smelled delicious and just when he was about to take a bite, something scared him and he woke up more hungry than before. 
                          The noise that woke him up was in fact a man pulling a cart filled with heavy stones. The little mouse had never seen a man before, but he assumed that were there are creatures there is food. Of course, he was afraid of being eaten ( he had heard a lot of stories about creatures that enjoy eating mice), but he took his chance. After all, he was going to starve to death, so he had to try at least something. Therefore, our little friend followed the man and after a long and exhausting walk they  got to a place where mouse found himself between creatures, ones friendly, others not so much. He tried to find some hideouts and by the time he was safe, he saw the most beautiful and yellow piece of cheese. His stomach was asking for a bite. ...just a small one... 
rainy day

Friday, January 16, 2015


              These last weeks I was focused to find out why people are sad, hungry, poor, ugly, sick, and the list can go on.....the first answer I got to is LOVE. Many will ask "what the f***?" and in some situations they cannot be blamed. But believe it or not LOVE is the answer. We live in a world in wich we are focused on our routines and we forget to truly live and truly love.And I am not talking about love between two people.
                Every morning I wake up I am happy for the new day that can bring me new opportunities and new challenges. This is love. When I go to work I am happy I can solve different situations and I can show my work to others. I do everything with love. When I look in the mirror I dance and make my body move in ways that I feel sexy, beautiful, perfect. I'm not in perfect shape, but I love my body. I don't steal from others and I respect myself. That's love. I try to face sickness with positivity because that is the way to beat it. And in the evening when I am heading home from work or when I am going to sleep I say the magic work "Thank You" for all the good things that happened during the day. There is no bad day. Every day is beautiful even if it rains, or it's sunny or snowy. That is also love. Loving your partner is not just butterflies, but respect. Don't listen to bad words...just Smile. I invite everybody to try this exercise for a month and you can see the difference.
planning ...