Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are the plush toys alive?

      This is one question that runs through my mind from the moment I have encountered this store in Kracow.
       So i went to visit the historical part of Kracow and on my way to the Wawel Castle I found this store full with plush toys .... there were cats, tedy bears, sheeps, dogs....etc. At first site this was really really nice but when I entered there it looked like these toys were alive... I mean they looked really real to me.
       Inside of the store there was this saleslady that was all the time arranging them... OMG!!!! .... It was a bit creppy because she looked annoyed that clients touched the toys in order to buy them.... But the weirdest thing was that toys looked scared of her and they were like asking people to buy them. The witch and a horde of alive toys... :-D
          But that was only my vision... Maybe it was nothing wrong there...
           I also have 2 pictures below from outside the store.... Enjoy!

                                   XOXO Elle

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