Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feels just like Spring time.....

                  In the last couple of weeks I felt disappointment, anxiety and a lot of other stuff, because of the weather outside. Just when I thought spring was getting around....the bad winter didn't let me enjoy ... so I was somehow in a delusive state of mind.... and of course I didn't find inspiration, or I felt so lazy to even think about some new topics.
                  But today, besides my killer headache, something stroke me....I went outside to buy some things for the home and I already saw trees blooming, the air smelt different and of course I had to wear my sunglasses. I felt JOY...A lot of....
                 I guess I finally figure out  what I want to do this year. I mean this kind of feeling I have it every spring, but today I felt it different. For the first time in my life I really think i'll have the gut to accomplish something even if that means giving up things that I love.
                 So here is something I made to enjoy my day....
                                                      XOXO Elle

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