Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter.....But for how long?

           Have you ever wake up in the morning with a very deep feeling that something BIG is going to happen? Well that is exactly how I woke up this morning. It seemed that the sunny day was drifting my thoughts towards spring time, and it felt so perfect...that I just jumped up from my bed, made myself a cup of coffee and went straight to the balcony to feel the sun on my skin and to breath the fresh air. Just imagine my disappointment when I realize the cold and the snow that was covering the street.  :(
            I am not a lover of the winter season...and the fact that in the last few days the sunny weather tricked me, makes me feel so angry ( not in the bad way...but still) .
           So I create some sets with some outfits I would love to wear in the spring season....just to feed my need of spring....I just hope that the weather won't become as dreadful as it can possibly be for this stage of the season.
           Just enjoy my sets......
                                                                                   XOXO Elle
1'st outfit

2nd outfit

3rd outfit

4th outfit

5th outfit

1 comment:

  1. I love all of the outfits that you put together, especially the first one! I can't wait for spring either!

    Suzie Q
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