Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can YOU hear Me?

                             Streets are important places for the fashion followers. People among us are a source of continuous inspiration. Fashion has become an art, an expression of our inner self, of our personality. We don't need designer clothes or a lot of money to look fashionable, nor replicate styles.
                      Have you ever experienced dreams in wich you tried so hard to scream and you couldn't; almost like your voice was muted? Well I have and is not pleasant at all. It is the same for those who have no personal style: those who copy others, those who don't know how to be themselves,  to express what they are. So, do not be afraid to show your personal style.
                              Just try to take a look around and you will be amazed how coloured streets are, no matter if is sunny or cloudy. This is one assigment I want to solve. And why not maybe I'll post some pictures of very interesting street styles.  
                                Enjoy the rest of the week!!!!    XOXO Elle                                            

fashion street


  1. Looking at clothes people are wearing when they are out and about can be very interesting - I take the bus to get around, so I get to see all sorts of things!

  2. love the collection, very inspiring and the leo-print background is so cool!

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  3. Nice post! : ) You have also a nice blog! I like it! : )