Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I wish I was there....

                Happy about the things I've managed to achieve today my mind cannot stop flying overseas. I am a free spirit and I enjoy travelling, but right now It is just impossible. One more month of hard working ..... And of course more month of snow....
                        I can only travel through dreams and sets I create...such as the one below...

                                             XOXOLondon city scape


  1. oh! I love the outfit you have chosen!!

  2. So pretty! Love this - that dress is lovely.

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    ox from NYC!


  3. Oh I also love travelling, especially to London <3
    xx J.

  4. such a lovely post, dear! I hope you can travel soon. I love to travel, especially to england but I can't afford it, because I can't afford it -.-' even if I wish I could... it's hard not to go to one's one homecountry!
    in btw really lovely blog you have here, dear!


  5. London is such a great place! :) I wish I was there, too!

    Love, Anja
    It would be great if you stop by and follow my blog if you like :)

  6. traveling is such fun, isn't it! the nice thing is, when it doesn't happen that often, we really enjoy it and soak it in when we do get to travel! :) xoxo

  7. Precious collage of images that long for the pleasure of travelling, I like the hot offer of your blog, I you follow kisses ana