Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chance or choice...

       Everytime I think things are working out, it appears it is the other way around. No one to blame... but a question pops out : is it chance or choice?
        Why is that everytime I make a decision or take an action ... I stop for a second and wander What if??? Why can't I always take the good steps? It would had been easyer if I were a baby. Nothing to fear ... No blame to take ....
       To many why's... Maybe I feel insecure... About what?....Maybe I need guidance... Do I ask for help or try to work things out in my way?  Is my self esteem high enough to walk among people I love and take responsability for my facts?...
          All these question must lead to at least one answer... It will take a while to figure this out... but HEY!,right now time is not an issuse to me :)))) ...  Meanwhile I just need to be myself...just the way I am .... no more back doors... Goodbye Mr. Fake personality!!!  Hope this works out!!!
          And of course there is a picture too ..... Enjoy!!! xoxo
Violet blouse

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