Monday, December 19, 2011

Learning what I like...

                       In the past few days I was seriously thinking if the job I have at the moment gives me the satisfaction I need to be balanced in life... Well, the answer is not as I expected.... So I started to write down what I like and what I dislike...and it turns out that the second column is longer. That is not good at all....My friends seem happy with their jobs, why don't I, too?
                    Is freelancing a solution?  was the question I put myself yesterday. And if, what is the perfect job for me ? Now I am in the process of learning about this and finding the answer.
                         I hope to get the perfect solutions... Maybe it is only a state of mind.. or just the weather..  :)
Dream job

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keep calm and go on....

            Decisions, decisions, decisions.... To be or Not to be?....Better TO do or Not to do? Sometimes it is easy to make decisions and really keep up with ... but when feelings interfere, the longer to wait the harder to take. 
             Tired of not being noticed, I decided to take another path - The Freelancer Path - maybe my projects will be appreciated and I will be happier. But don't think this is easy! First I have to learn to extrapolate my work at another level, higher, professional. 
              Fashion is my first love, but I think I should also try writting plots or stories, Creative ones. It is interesting, and why not Writting fashion stories. 
           Should I ask Santa to help me? Below I have a list of things I would like to receive as presents, and that I would happily give up for a wish.... Succeding in my projects! :)