Friday, October 21, 2011

Hard Enough to stand up and fight.....

               Sometimes I find it difficult to see the road ahead and follow the basics.... sometimes I complicate myself in many ways....and sometimes things are just there and I don't see them....I wonder why? 
                No way to find the answer for such a "Difficult" question..... It is just my nature ...It is everybody's nature.....We are living in a Red Queen's World and there is no matter of finding answers...but finding the path to follow....
                  As you can see, today I am in a contemplative mood about finding the right order of facts... it is not easy to take all back to basic and remake the chess board... the moves won't be the same in some cases... there is where I need to find solutions....better ones...and to better define the goals....
                   So I woke up in the morning with this though in mind, put some clothes that defined my mood and fight the weather outside and went to work.....Below is the inspiration....Till I find the best solution I keep trying .... :)      
My outfit

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