Monday, September 20, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger..

       Earth colors give elegance and exuberance. Tommy Hilfiger's fall-winter 2010 collection is full of eccentric but very luxuriant mixes.  In the picture beside i tried to get that look, hope i've succeeded.
       This fall, the family sets the new standard for prep style. 
  Tweeds and corduroy, headscarves and high-heeled duck boots, a true trench and a bold blazer, crewnecks and down vests, aviators and repp ties. The more you mix it the better! Just like the Hilfiger gang. 




Louis Vuitton..

               Maybe his name should be most associated with his well-known handbags. Everybody want to have one. But, passing through, this year Louis Vuitton collection was a revival of the fifties.
                " Marc Jacobs was adamant" said "L'officiel". The look is maybe the best expression of the fifties, enhanced with large skirts on the bias that swing around the calves, the jackets tightly hug the waist, but the long gloves, small bags, small round heels with flat bows sublimate this retro style.

                   The atmosphere is nostalgic and reminds us of the American films of the times, when young people drove Cadillacs, but also about the first discovering of Coke.
                   Herringbone wools, damask, printed taffetas, tulle dresses, and the half cut bra prom dress decolletes were wreathed with flawless pony tails.
                   In my opinion this is the very look of the year. :)

Ralph Lauren ...

               More than forty years ago, Ralph Lauren began establishing a line of ties with Polo label .
              “A tie was the way a man expressed himself. I believed that men were ready for something new and different. They didn’t want to look as if they worked for IBM. A beautiful tie was an expression of quality, taste, style.” 

               Nowadays, he is one of the trendsetters and his runaway shows evoque the quintessential of his work.

                     Reinvention is the most common word in fashion this autumn. Ralph Lauren had a vision about modern silhouettes rendered in rich shades of camel, saddle, and gray melange.
                    Menswear inspired tailoring and luxurious layers of wool, cashmere and velvet give reference to English country glamour, while impossibly slim pants, skirts and exaggerated jodhpurs create a dramatic silhouette. 
                    What is the most important of this collection? The answer is in the mixes of colors and fabrics. Going from weightless silk georgette, through floral patterns and adding downtown drama the accent is on lace  details and crocheted slim-fitting knits. Another look enhanced by Old World silhouettes and opulent details next to the sleek and mysterious black detailed with delicate lace, rich leather and rugged suede form an exciting update and classic luxury.


                      :) Enjoy!