Monday, August 30, 2010

Morning post..:)

                     It's 2 a.m and i cannot sleep. "Youtube - ing" as i always do, 'cause i love music too, i' ve found myself blocked into sensitive songs ( see ) and i realized that autumn is here and i didn't write anything about must-haves of this season.
                    So in the following days i'll do some writings about Ralph Lauren collection, D&G, Balmain, etc., and also i'll choose some topics to talk about this autumn.
                    Keep up the good work :)!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Polyvore mini editor......

                    Back from vacation with new ideas and stuff. So i entered (the best fashion creator) and i found out about their mini editor lauch. Is a window were you can create outfits, you can resize and rotate garments in order to mix the perfect fit. So, if you love fashion you should try it.
                    See some of my newest creation below and try to make some of yourself.
Acne Davi crepe slouch pants
$300 -
Crepe pants »

Jojo Waxy Strappy Boot
$222 -
Buckle boots »

San Diego English Riding Hat
$38 -
Wool hat »

$20 -

Elena S. Storm Models
38 EUR -

$50 -

Black Printed Leather
$325 -

i am as vain as i allow;


Heidi klein dresses CORAL
285 GBP -
Cocktail dress »

Jen's Pirate Booty Senorita Tunic in Natural
$129 -
Sheer tunic »

Cosia Parrot Print
$99 -
Print blouse »

Top Jens White by Soaked in Luxury
20 EUR -
White tank tops »

Crafted Cropped Denim Jacket
35 GBP -
Denim jacket »

Large Rula Hoop Earrings
45 GBP -
Hoop earrings »

Wrap Bracelet: Grey
$198 -
Gold jewelry »

Hello My Darling Hat
$9.80 -
Forever21 hats »

Top - Lips Print T-Shirt
89 GBP -

Leather Blazer
$218 -
Leather outerwear »

Plein Sud Blazer Black
659 EUR -
Fur outerwear »

Black Braces Short
29 GBP -
Cotton shorts »

And the mini editor:

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