Sunday, March 14, 2010

The scarf...

                How many of us thought about the meaning of the scarf from it's begining till now? Well, this is a question i put myself today when seeing a beautiful scarf. I've touched it and then i let it down, but every time i wanted to leave from the place there was something that didn't let me. So i understand that the scarf was trying to get my attention and i had the feeling i was in that movie " Confessions of a shopaholic".
                When i arrived home, i search the internet a topic about scarves and i've found so little that i decided to write some things down. The history of the scarf begin in antique Rome where the "suridam" was a canvas that men wore in order to swap their swet. Women began to addopt the canvas too but as an ornament for their vestment.
                Later on, the scarf became the symbol of the war and it was made in different colours and from different fabrics , from simple canvas to silk,  which meant the rank of the warrior. In the 19th century the scarf was associated with aristocracy. Women use it discretely, not to cover their jewells.
                Today the scarf became more important, it is used for both men and women to cover their neck when it's cold outside but most of all to embellish their clothing.
               Trying to show the accesories importance i will make short description of an outfit. When you walk into a store such as ZARA, and that means a store where visual merchandising rules are very important, you will see that the clothes have some sort of arrangements in order to be bought as an entire outfit, but all of them have scarfs attached. That gives the outfit a touch of life.
               So that being said my research about scarves is finished. I know now the history, and also i know the importance of wearing one nowadays. Even if it's classy, or gipsy, or folk, the scarf gives  life to your entire outfit.


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