Sunday, February 14, 2010

Style to .....styles..:P

                       One of my new hobbies is to search the internet for fashion ideas, people styles, in order to get information about their culture and also about the parts of their life, about some of their interests, because as i said before every little thing can be turned into something exceptional.
                      So i found a website ( ) where the people use some certain themes to put up clothes and accesories together in a fashionable manner. It seemes very interesting and it can be used for ideas.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet me...

              I've decided to write in english, even though it is not my native language, so i hope you don't blame me for that. My namee is Elena, but i like more Elle, i am a fashion addict so this blog will about fashion.
             I choose to express myself in this way, because until now i didn't have the chance to do it, and more ...i dind't have the courage.
            First of all, I must tell you that no matter what you decide to wear, do not try to copy someone. It must come from the inner you so that you could feel fresh and comfortable all day long. The ideea is to BE YOURSELF.
            Many have written about the latest trends in fashion and not only, but what is the most important thing is that they aren't the trendsetters, we are. Their inspiration is in the real life, crossing from the past to the far future. So don't be shy in showing your style.
And don't forget LIVE IS A THEATHER STAGE.