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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Teach them well....

                       I've been wanting to share a lot of things that happened to me lately, but I just didn't exactly know where to start. So I had to put everything on a "to do" list in order not to forget any of them and also in this way was easier to plan them. That being said, let's get started!!!
                      I am a manager, so I have a team. Actually I have many teams, just because I have many workplaces, so I am sometimes in complicated position to show the best ways of doing things to different kind of people.
                         But, what one can do when people don't see with good eyes the change? What one can do when they don't want to embrace development? Or when they are afraid of changing ways and actions? Some people just stick to one thing their whole lifes and never want to change anything and in the end they talk about "what if?". Personally, I wouldn't want to be surrounded by this kind and I do encourage change in different aspects of life. Of course, this doesn't mean that everybody should change, because we are all different from each other and that is what makes us humans and special. What I am talking about is development, evolution, taking risks, using fear in a positive way, etc.
                         Think about a classroom full of students, let's say math class, when the teacher tries to show them different ways to calculate that (2+4)*2 =12. One part would say that first they should sum 2+4=6 and then 6*2=12. Another part would answer like this 2*2+4*2=4+8=12. And from here a lot of other ideas. But the main purpose is to teach them well, to show them different opinions, ideas, and let them find solutions. This is also my job. No, I'm not a math teacher :))), but it is similar to that. The goal is to teach them is that manner that they could teach themselves afterwards without fear.
                       I was recently reading a book about some mice in a maze. The idea was that 95% were afraid of change and just 3 of them saw opportunities in escaping the maze even thou that meant letting go the cheese. This is also similar with our ways of living. And maybe this is because we have been taught like this, because that's what other people do. But why don't we teach our children not to be afraid to try, and to stand out of the crowd.
                       As I already wrote in my last post, be the one. It is difficult to show the world what you think, and more than that to make them do the same, but if one wants to succeed, one must be the change one wants to see in the world.
                  Going back to my teams, 1 month ago, I had to take a team because their previous manager resigned. Maybe the most difficult part of all, was when I started to bring them stories and let them think what were the messages and what were the lessons they could learn. But I was surprises that nearly 90% of them didn't understand the analogies the stories made with actual life. At first I felt disappointed, but soon I started bringing them more and more similar stories in the meetings and the number of people interested in development started to raise.
                        It is hard, but the final result it is rewarding. The feeling you get when you see people wanting to learn more about life and that there are similarities between life and work, is precious and money can't but that.

                                                                                          XOXO Elle


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Be the ONE.....

                           Maybe it's not the first time I write about this, but I believe it is a wonderful topic to talk about. Not only that it will make you think twice about the choices you make in life, but also about the way you want to create something that will worthwhile in your own existence.
                            In my last post I was wondering why have I lost myself. I found my answer. And I think that many of you that have the same "problem" will enjoy reading this post. I name it "problem" because everything has a solution, but our kind is more likely to overthink everything and turn a tiny little thing  into something that in japanese will be "kaiju" ( monster created by our own imagination ). I believe that the bigger and the ferocious monsters are the one created by our thoughts.
                              But let's stick to the subject I want to write about.... So, I found myself trapped into my own negative thoughts and there is no worse trap than that. It is the most painful, the darkest place and it has the hardest maze to get out from. So the deeper you go ( aka the more negative thoughts you have)  the hardest to get out and heal your wounds. It will lure you at first with "oportunities ", but karma is a bitch and never, but never, looses an adress. That's why I believe it is our choice how we walk through life....
                             BE the ONE...The one that stands out of the crowd...Show your own thoughts, your own style, your own choices....and embrace everything with strenght and pride...because we don't need to be the same. We are DIFFERENT one from another. We don't have to hide/ suppress our own feelings/ ideas just because the goup will not accept us, or we will not get the job we wanted, or people will be talking about our lack of style.....What define us and what makes us humans is particulary our consciousness and our native way of being The One / Different. 
                                I have seen a lot of unhappy people just because they were struggling to fit in, but who says we can't fit in even if we are ourselves? Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself this question. You will be amazed how may contradiction you will get ... and in the end you will realize that all that struggling was for nothing... We are naked before life... We are born to make a statement here and if we don't do it properly we will regret everything when it is too late. 
                              BE the ONE....BE STRONG....BE the CHANGE you want to see in  the WORLD....Colour your life in beautiful thoughts and good deeds, make the prettiest mandalas ( from sanscrite) in you life. ENJOY living in the most impressive Universe ( full with diversity).

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The puppeteer...

                           Such a long time since I wrote...I don't know what happened to me...I don't  know who I am, and I can't find my voice. Too many strange feelings in my heart, too much thinking inside my head, like my consciousness is trapped inside my body, like I have a new skin, one I don't recognize. How many contradictions!
                            Could it be the 30 years age crisis? Could it? I just don't know and I don't understand what is wrong. I feel like a flower in a really small pot and I can't grow because my roots don't fit inside. And I also need some sun and some water...I see myself in the mirror and I don't recognize the person standing in front of it. How is this possible? 
                             I need to find an answer or a cure. It is not a disease, but it feels like it  and also my whole body hurts ( even if physically it doesn't). It got me thinking it's mentally, but am I crazy? No, no, no! Definitely not crazy! 
                             It is necessary to find the trigger to this. And I need to find it NOW! I want my force back, I want my dreams back. Sometimes I get this tickling inside, just like a presentment, like something is wrong, or about to happen. And I don't know if it is good or not. I guess I just have to wait for the puppeteer to move the strings in order to find out.    
                               This could be one goal for the year: find myself, find my voice, cleanse my body, erase myself and draw everything back. But how do I do it? Right now I don't have a clue. I must be confident I will get it. At least this way I still have a motivation to go on. I've been thinking about my decisions I made, and I don't regret them...Or maybe just some. Could this be a solution? To assume everything and fix the things I have been avoiding? I will see...
                                I am going to bed now! Tomorrow it's another day! Maybe a sunny one! I hope! But by then, maybe I will dream about my questions and find some answers. Sometimes it works. I have to try!



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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I am rich...

     I am rich... Really rich. I love and I am loved, i have friends all over the world, my parents love me, I enjoy sunny days as well as rainy days, i am free, I like snow, I can sing, I do what I like, I make my own choices, I read books, I like my reflection, I enjoy every moment, I love my cat, I like games, I love my job, I am a traveler and I have a lot of good memories. .... And I would have a lot more reasons to enumerate... 
              So think about this next time you waste time not being happy!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Punishment....of a small girl...

                       I have never wrote about punishments but lately something triggered a memory from my childhood, back when my father wanted to give me a proper education.
                         This happened when I was 5 years old. Ever since I was a little girl I was charmed by the beauty of my mother and the way she organised her clothes ( everything was ironed and on hangers and smelled in an unique way ) and how she made herself different skirts and dresses to be fashionable in that time. I must say that in those times my family was poor and we lived in a complex of flats which belonged to the car factory my parents worked in.The point is that they worked in  shifts and they were never home so I basically grew up almost alone. But this is another story.
                         It was a nice sunny day of September and my parents were at work. I had a lot of toys mostly dolls so I was obsessed of making clothes for them. And in this particular day I wanted to iron one handkerchief my mother gave me to make a dress out of it. So I put the iron into the socket and I waited for it to heat up so I could do my job. Well this was what I have intended to do. What I didn't know, was that my father decided to check on me and in his lunch break he got home. Just when I was about to start ironing my father entered the room and  caught me on the job. He got so angry as he thought I would set the room on fire and decided to punish me never to touch the iron or anything that goes into the socket again.  
                        I didn't know what the nearest future held in store for me but it was not long before I found out. So, my father took the heated iron and started ironing my hands. It was painful! But the thing that hurt me most was the fact he put alcohol on my hands and left me crying alone inside the house. He then left to work and by the time my mother came home I fainted from pain. 
                              I couldn't eat by myself for two weeks. But I never touched anything nor put anything into the socket again.  They say "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". I guess it is a true fact. But I still think the punishment was too drastic.

                                                                                                      XOXO Elle



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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


                     Recently, I was looking through my things and I realized that in the past ten years I have no pictures, no souvenirs... nothing to show to my friends and family, and above all, nothing to look at and live good moments by taking myself back in time. This is kind of sad and it got me wondering about my identity as a human. Because, if I am looking into my family memories I guess it is the same thing....we don't have a hall of fame wall or pictures of our happy live together all around the house. And this is sad too. All the pictures I've found are from periods of time like: when I was 4 years old I cut my hair really short and i got punished by my parents and this was depicted in a photo taken by my uncle; from primary school I have a few photos something like 4 in 8 years with all the classmates and teachers; I don't have pictures from highschool; one time I was with my parents at the seaside they got a new camera and made a lot of pictures in 3 days; otherwise that is all. I guess we are not the type of family that want to depict every joyfull moment. 
                     And yeah I am still sad. But not demotivated. Because I know I can start now building my hall of fame. It is never too late to start doing something. So wish me luck! :)
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self confidence

Thursday, June 18, 2015


                 Ever since I was a little girl, I thought love stories are simple fairy tales and the fact of being in love was only considered attraction at first and then just good communication ( or not ). I mean, how many of you really felt that connection with the loved one was forever and didn't eye-caught another person? Just be realistic and remember we live in a world were everything moves really fast and due to the rate of divorces per year I can say that either we get bored, or we just don't know how to mend our relationship through good communication. 
                    I have recently read an article about hair and through out the history, people believed that hair growth is linked with the energetical waves of a person, especially on women. So women were taught to grow long hair and take good care of it, wore it tangled because they say in a tangle is the union of body, mind and spirit. That being said, the hair of a woman was considered the power of her husband, reason why in wars, the opponents use to capture the women of the leader and they cut her hair in order to drain power from her husband. You may ask why is this relevant. Well, since we don't believe in it not. But what about ying and yang? I mean, there has to be a pair for everybody and if this is true why love stories are not magical?  I just made this parenthesis for what I am about to tell you.
                  It seems that we are not able to control ourselves when it comes to attraction or maybe the best way to say is hormones. For me the commitment between two persons is sacred, as long as they are together. You may say I am old fashion. I have to tell you that I am not. I just think that while two people swore love one to another they have to be faithful and opened, because only like this they can overcome sadness and anxiety. And if after some time they discover they are not to be together, just close the deal in a peaceful way. No need for drama or some other stuff. Everybody has to be strong and think about endings as new ways of begining.
                A friend of mine came to me the other day and said someone she haven't seen in a long time told her he was feeling something about her. She just sat there in front of him and didn't know what to say. And what was really disturbing was that he just got married. The only way of dealing with this kind of situation is to show how strong she really is and also to keep her integrity at the highest level. Only then one will know oneself really good. I must say again, I am not old fashion but I just don't uderstand this kind of persons who don't really know what they want in life. Can you judge me? I believe no one wants to be in the wife's shoes...why not be sincere and thoughtful with ourselves? 
                Getting  back to fairy tales, I must say that if we don't believe in them, of course they don't exist. Because by believing one will see is a true saying.....
                                                                                        XOXO  Elle                  
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